Leadership in resource conservation is at the heart of our business and is a passion for many of our employees. Unico’s innovative energy, water, and recycling initiatives use practices that elevate environmental stewardship in our company and in the communities we serve.

All of Unico’s office properties are benchmarking energy usage and as a result 34 of our Class-A office properties have earned ENERGY STAR® awards for their energy leadership and high performance.

Since establishing our energy baseline on December 31, 2006, Unico has reduced energy use by 15 percent saving over $2.1 million annually.

Water is a precious resource and Unico knows that using it wisely makes good business sense and is better for sustaining our communities.

That’s why Unico has improved restroom plumbing in our properties with low-flow fixtures and fittings. These updated fixtures help Unico reduce water usage by as much as 40 percent. In most cases the payback for plumbing efficiency projects ranges between one and three years, making them financially attractive opportunities.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle….and Compost
Waste management is a key to conservation. By reusing existing materials, reducing consumption, recycling reusable items, and composting biodegradables, Unico is significantly reducing demand on natural resources. Through the establishment of sustainable purchasing and waste management policies our corporate office is using 100 percent recycled paper products, eliminating bottled water use, and composting all biodegradable items.

Many of Unico’s property teams in Seattle, Denver, and Portland are composting in office suites and restaurants, using innovative approaches to divert waste. At Financial Center in Seattle, the property team partnered with Cedar Grove Compost to pilot one of the nation’s first restroom paper towel composting programs, improving waste diversion by 20 percent. This pilot program is gaining momentum in many markets across the real estate industry.

“Success in energy performance requires an entire organization’s commitment. The Unico team is a great example, and their leadership and strategic view of energy management is raising the bar for the commercial real estate industry.”

Jack Davis
Office Real Estate Market Manager
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance / BetterBricks
Portland, Oregon