For more than 60 years, Unico has successfully developed, owned and managed office buildings in Seattle, Portland, Denver, Salt Lake City, Austin and throughout the western United States. For properties with the Unico brand, owners and tenants can expect exceptional quality, friendly service and strong financial performance.

Unico’s success is rooted in our approach -- managing each asset from an owner’s perspective. Our asset management team works in tandem with our property management team to develop a strategic business plan for each asset that meets the objectives of its ownership.

Unico’s strategic business plans serve as clear and detailed roadmaps that guide our property management and leasing professionals in creating exceptional value over time.

By managing our properties on site and being part of the community we create with our tenants, Unico creates one of the most valuable long-term assets of all: trust. Taking care of our customers is our heritage and the heart of who we are. It distinguishes the way we do business every day. The result is high levels of customer satisfaction and exceptional retention.

For more information about Unico’s property management services, please contact Brian Pearce, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Services, at BrianP@unicoprop.com.

“Unico provides the type of management expertise combined with a sophisticated financial acumen that we look for in a partner. They have an owner’s perspective as opposed to that of a broker, which gives us comfort that they are acting in our best interest. We value their input in making critical decisions, knowing that they will carry out those strategies that maximize value for the asset.”

Harlan Stanley
Managing Director / LaSalle Investment Management
Chicago, Illinois