Unico’s investment fundamentals:
Market knowledge
Long-term vision
Capital markets expertise
Strong partnerships

With nearly 60 years of office investment and operation expertise, Unico has built a reputation as a leading firm in the commercial office sector in the western United States.

“Working with Unico, we quickly saw that they had the experience needed to get the job done, along with the capital requirements.”

Jon Buenneke
Director of Commercial Real Estate / Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, Iowa

Unico knows that fundamental real estate performance drives ultimate value. Our investment team strategically adjusts capital structures to fit the unique profile of each asset, selecting the optimal debt and equity solutions for ourselves and our partners. Our team understands how to adapt to the changing markets because we know, firsthand, what it takes to operate and lease properties. Using our practical knowledge as owners and property managers, Unico can realistically assess the requirements to make a building profitable before we commit to an investment opportunity.

"We reached out to Unico because of their reputation in the market, their credibility, and our similar view of valuing and operating properties. It’s important to us to be responsive to tenants and to competitively position our property assets, just like Unico."

Daniel Deuter
Vice President / Transwestern Investment Company, L.L.C.
Chicago, Illinois