Green building management encompasses all aspects of how we run our properties at Unico. From energy conservation to water reduction to sustainable construction, all systems are continually evaluated to make sure that our buildings are using sustainable methods and are operating smoothly and efficiently.

Our sustainable building management practices entail these basic areas: energy & atmosphere, water efficiency, materials & resources, and indoor environment. Here are some examples of how we make sustainable choices in these four areas.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Installing energy management systems to reduce unnecessary consumption
  • Performing ongoing commissioning and energy auditing
  • Using low emissive window film to reduce solar heat gain in summer and retain heat in winter
  • Promoting and utilizing alternative transportation methods
  • Installing high efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) instead incandescent bulbs
  • Purchasing energy from renewable sources

Water Efficiency

  • Replacing plumbing fixtures with low-flow equivalents
  • Using non-potable surface water to irrigate native or adaptive plants
  • Creating green roofs for storm water retention
  • Using chemical-free treatments to reduce consumption in mechanical equipment

Materials & Resources

  • Using sustainable building products
  • Diverting tenant improvement construction waste from landfills
  • Recycling and composting waste

Indoor Environment

  • Implementing high performance building cleaning programs that use 90 to 100 percent green cleaning products and equipment that are low-impact and healthy alternatives
  • Testing air quality to maintain or exceed standards
  • Utilizing large windows and natural light as much as possible

Unico manages properties by being mindful of the triple bottom line: environmental, social, and financial responsibility.

Environmental First, by engaging in sustainable building management, we reduce the demand for natural resources like energy, water, or raw construction materials and reduce the impact on the natural environment with initiatives like storm water mitigation, pollution control, and greenhouse gas reduction. We manage buildings with the intention to use fewer natural resources and use the ones we consume more effectively.

Social Secondly, green buildings promote healthy and productive indoor environments. Utilization of natural light, appropriate levels of task lighting, enhanced outside air management, green cleaning programs, and low-VOC materials reduce annual sick days, improve worker productivity and create an overall enjoyable work experience. Creating healthier workplaces for employees is just good business.

Financial Lastly, while environmental and social benefits are important, Unico is aware that we must reduce operating costs and increase the value of our properties. We choose upgrades and initiatives that bring the strongest return on investment. When high cost capital projects are needed, like a chiller or boiler replacement, Unico does our best to install equipment that has environmental value and can reduce the building’s operating costs as much as possible.